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From new sellers to mature businesses, JingSourcing provides tailored services to support you.

Consumer Product Sourcing

We source over 100 different kinds of consumer products every day, ranging from household to electronics to hardware. We not only help you get competitive prices but also get more new product recommendations from factories.

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New Product Development

People always dream of developing new products, but making product ideas massively produced is hard. You don’t need any experience, because we support you from beginning to end. We’ve helped a lot of kickstarters achieve their dreams.

We Can Do More than Alibaba

Whether you’re new to importing products from China or not, we’re glad to help you throughout the whole process from sourcing products to shipping them to your door. 

We can get lower product quotes from our factory partners than Alibaba suppliers. And we also encourage our clients to make price comparisons to ensure they get a competitive quote from us.

We will assign one specific agent for you in the sourcing process. He/She can help you solve every problem during the sourcing, production, inspection, and shipping.

We check a higher percentage of products than third-party inspection companies for free. In addition, we’re the only sourcing company that offers a full review to reduce the defect rate to 0.

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Product Monthly Report

We pick up the most popular items from 1,000+ orders by our clients to help you find your winning product.


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